Life Diary - the #1 free diary app on Android.

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The Most Feature-Packed Diary App Available

Life Diary has all features you will ever need to fully enjoy and customize your diary app.

5 Beautiful Templates

Life Diary app has 5 templates in total: Black template, Brown template, Blue template, Pink template and even a Vampire Diary template!

Ability to attach photos and audio recordings

There are some diary apps out there that allow you to attach photos, but you will have a hard time finding a diary app that lets you attach both photos and audio recordings to your diary entries. Life Diary can do that.

Password Protect Your Diary

Are you someone who wants to keep a secret diary? Life Diary allows you to password protect your diary so that only you can access your Life Diary.

Life Diary on Samsung Galaxy

Share your Diary entries on Facebook and Instagram

There is no diary app on Android that allows you to do this, except for Life Diary. If you want to keep your diary entries private, you can do that - but you also have the option to share any diary entry with your friends on Facebook and even Instagram. You can also send your full diary by email.

Sync to Dropbox + Automatic Backups

When you create a diary using an app, your concern is how safe your data will be. Well, with Life Diary all of your entries can be backed up automatically to your device, manually to your device and even uploaded and synced to/from Dropbox.

Customize Fonts, Colors and Styles

Life Diary App allows you to fully customize the fonts, colors and styles of your diary entries and titles - making sure that your diary app is exactly how you want it to be.

Diary App for Android

The Only Fully Developed Diary App for Android

There are many low quality diary apps on Google Play, and Life Diary isn't one of them. Our team has spent nearly 1 year developing the Life Diary app, testing it over and over again to make sure it is the most comprehensive and bug-free diary app for Android.

  • 5 Themes + countless font and color customization options
  • Local device backup + Dropbox sync
  • Attach photos and audio recordings to your diary entries
  • The most powerful search of any diary app - allowing you to search by date, emotion, category, tag and keyword
  • Ability to share any diary entry on Facebook and Instagram and to send your full diary via e-mail
  • The only Diary App that allows you to associate your diary entries with 35 different emotions
  • Unlimited categories and tags + ability to put multiple categories and tags for any diary entry
  • Password protect your diary app so that only you can access your diary
  • + More!


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